New Collection coming soon!

Here is a sneak peek from a collection of designs I am working on. I am very into super bright colors right now, I feel we could all use more color in our lives. This new group of patterns will have a bit of a psychedelic sixties vibe, more to come soon!

4 Responses to “New Collection coming soon!”

  1. Rexann says:

    Hello and welcome to the Blog world!! I have just Purchased a Provo Craft Product that has your Name on it! It is a cricut cartridge and I love the Beautiful design’s and they have everything in such Bright colors which is just stunning!! And I love the name of it as well (Florals Embellished) I have a feeling that I may be one lucky gal to have gotten this very awesome cartridge so early!!! I have a blog as well and feel free to check it out anytime!


  2. Sherri says:

    Love your designs…I just saw them on the coming soon page of FatQuarterShop! Welcome to blogging, too!

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