A Quilt for Your Summer House

Here is the quilt I designed for my Summer House collection. The pattern is free and can be downloaded here. Happy quilting!!

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  1. [...] I think that’s a brilliant idea; she’s culled a lot of ideas using scraps to make quilts and has a challenge going to use up our scraps (see her website for more details).  I think the idea, really, is to stash-bust, using up all those bits of fabrics leftover from our projects (or a too-ambitious buying spree).  I’ve been looking for a few of my own ideas on how to use up the stash.  Here’s one, a free pattern from Lila Ashberry, titled Summer House, and you can find the download *here.* [...]

  2. connie frick says:

    Hi, I made a pattern with this look a few years ago, but mine turned out looking like
    the test pattern from TV many years ago.

    Your patter and colors make this idea work! Thanks for the inspiration.

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