Vintage Sewing Notions

I must admit I was bitten by the collecting bug when I was very young. There is just something about groups of pretty things that I find irresistible. Lately my passion has been vintage sewing notions. Vintage mother of pearl buttons and the charming retro graphics on old needle books are just lovely. I am working on a unique way to display my growing collection and will keep you posted:)

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  1. Sherri says:

    I have a little collection of vintage sewing notions too–mostly from my great-grandmother and my husband’s great grandmother. It would be great if you shared your ideas for displaying them! I have spools and buttons in jars, but have no idea how to display the vintage needle cards.

  2. I’d just love to see how you display your vintage sewing notions! I collect (and sell) them too, and it’s challenging to display such small items (of varied shapes) really well – and creatively. I love seeing the imaginative ways people show their collections.

    Sherri, I can relate – I don’t have many needle cards, but I do have many vintage sewing trims (still in packages) which are shaped similarly to needle cards – and it’s tough to find ways to display them. I’ve tried arranging them in antique cutlery trays (those things with two compartments on each side and a handle in the middle), poking out of antique recipe boxes, arranged in a bowl or shallow basket, etc.

    cheers ~

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