DIY Ephemera Display

Here is a really easy and fun way to show-off your paper treasures. Photos, postcards, vintage notions or anything that inspires you can be displayed this way. I hot glued some pretty mother of pearl buttons on to regular flat head thumbtacks and then wound some baker’s twine around them. This created a fun zig-zag clothesline effect. I used little photo clips/hooks to hang my collection but regular clothespins would work just as well. I think of this as a sort of mood board that will evolve and continue to inspire. Of course the pic of my lovely Isabella will be a permanent fixture!

Another Display Idea:

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4 Responses to “DIY Ephemera Display”

  1. Kay in MN says:

    This looks too cluttered, junky….I apologize to anyone I’ve offended.

    • Steph says:

      Thanks for your input Kay. It is part of the plan when doing an inspiration display to see the relationship between different elements but you could pare it down if you want to and just hang your items as if it they were on a clothesline. This would look better if you wanted to display it in a place other than your workspace.

  2. Sherri in WA says:

    I personally like it….it’s fun to see how it all ties together when you’re not seeing a lot of white space around it… it actually inspired me to make a moodboard.

  3. lela rose says:

    lela rose…

    [...]DIY Ephemera Display | Lily Ashbury[...]…

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