For the Dog Lover on your list!

Here is a super cute gift idea for anyone who has a dog. If you don’t happen to have a picture of their beloved canine you can purchase a stock image for a couple of bucks. I found the perfect Mini Schnauzer picture here and it has an unmistakably Maisy-ish look.

Maisy is our faithful seven-year old pooch and her portrait will now hang on our picture wall. If you use Photoshop you can simply create a top layer, trace the picture and fill it in with black. I also added words that describe Maisy in a dark grey tone so as not to take away from the silhouette. This is a nice way to personalize the gift. If you don’t use a graphics software you can simply print out the photo and use it as a template for a black paper or card stock cut-out. To personalize it just write the name of your friend’s pet at the bottom. Frame with an inexpensive frame (we got ours from Ikea for $4.99)¬†and voila, perfect gift for the pet lover!!

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  1. Sandy Pell says:

    Adorable idea Stephanie! This would make a great christmas gift, plus I love how you’ve paired it with the other beautiful Lily Ashbury pieces.

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